Meeting the Makers at the Wardlaw Museum Shop

We at the Museums of the University of St Andrews are excited to announce our new online retail offer in collaboration with the University of St Andrews Shop.

A taste of the Museum to come is available through a carefully curated range of items based on our collections and exhibitions. Working with local independent artists as well as our favourite contemporary pop master Philip Colbert, there’s an eclectic range of gifts and goodies.

If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts, looking at something unique, or just want to have a look at what the shop has, using our shop is a great support to the museum and the work that we do.

Supporting local business and artists is important to us as a museum shop, supporting the local economy and procuring products in an ethical and sustainable way are part of what we as part of the University strive for. So let’s meet some of the makers themselves!

Quirky and fun St Andrews street map design by SarahHallidayArt™ ©SarahHallidayArt

Sarah Halliday

Currently based in Perth, Sarah has been mentored by international artist Christopher Fiddes.

Sarah is a trained fine artist in oil who believes in bringing fine art to audiences on beautiful, yet useful, products. Frustrated by the inability to print her work without colour shifts, she started experimenting with Adobe Illustrator, which has allowed her to be able to print on textiles and other materials. Digital Art has enabled her to put her artwork on fabric and stationery much easier and she has been steadily expanding her range of products beyond her fine art.

Both Sarah and her producers are all based in the U.K. Sarah describes her work as, ‘Classic skills with a modern approach’.

From Sarah’s work, the shop has a range of products with an illustration of aerial perspective of the town of St Andrews inspired by the eary map of St Andrews by James Geddy.

Greetings card with print of West Sands by Mark Holden Art™ ©Mark Holden Art

Mark Holden

Mark has been a Scottish based professional Artist since 2002 when he started his career in St Andrews.

He has exhibited in Galleries in Scotland, UK and undertaken commission work in Arnhem Hospital in Holland, and for a variety of clients in Europe. He was commissioned to

paint the feature painting for the entrance of the Castle Course Club house in St Andrews.

Mark works with Oils, Acrylics and Watercolours. Subjects range from Scottish west coast landscapes, St. Andrews, Venice, Classic Cars, and Skiing. Commissions are always welcomed, and Mark likes to provide clients with paintings that enhance new build projects.

From Mark’s work, the shop has a variety of different prints of different locations around St Andrews.

Chloe Gardner

Butterfly print tea towel by Chloe Gardner™ ©Chloe Gardner

Chloe comes from a family of artists, and has such a love of vibrant colour, she describes ‘colour’ as her hobby. Her philosophy is that bright colours are uplifting and inspiring.

More recently, her inspirations have come from her surroundings from the Brazilian beach she used to live besides, to the Scottish cottage in Edinburgh where she now lived. Her new home is surrounded with the local nature, from the Snowdrops in February, a family of hedgehogs who live in her back garden and the beach right beside her house. During her time in Brazil, she came across a Beatriz Milhazes picture which inspired her even further, as it included bright colour and beautiful flowers.

From Chloe’s work the shop has a variety items with animal illustrations on them.

Shed Heaven

Fused Glass floral framed design by Shed Heaven™ ©Shed Heaven

An Alumna of the University of St Andrews herself and a Fifer– Kay Anderson has long been inspired by the beauty of St Andrews and the coastal areas of Fife as well as the natural beauty further inland.  Her love of the outdoors and the natural world is lovingly and painstakingly woven into her fused glass creations.  Working away in the Shed, Kay’s creations include bold floral compositions, abstract pieces, natural imagery and quirky animal designs in a range of large and small framed pieces to small hanging decorations. 

You can find the work from our makers and our other products at our shop here:

We hope in the future to extend the number of independent artists we work with, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at: [email protected]